“Resistance in the fight against threat”

Unfortunately, at present there is no universal drug that would give 100% guarantee of protection and control of coronovirus. Popular today wearing masks covering only the nose and mouth to a minimal extent they limit spreading, but this is rather an aspect psychological. Given that the size of the virus particle is tens of millions of times smaller than the fiber network in a mask, it becomes it is clear that wearing a mask “for protection against virus” simply means ensuring a sense of security. Of course it also has big meaning because constant fear reduces our level of immunity. Current information about the covid-19 virus shows that you are in contact with viruses is extremely difficult to avoid.

It is the reliable functioning of the immune response that is which best protects us against all pathogens!

Fortunately, most of us are healthy and properly functioning resistance system, which in case of infection will fight by itself virus and will not threaten our lives. Investment in activities prophylactic turns out to be the best possible. Physical activity, adequate sleep, nutrition and general hygiene of life is responsible for a well-functioning immune system. In harder the situation is in chronically ill people with very low levels immunity and the elderly. And we should take special care of them slowing the pace of epidemic development through responsible behavior.

For the immune system to work reliably, it is necessary first of all all providing the body with these natural ingredients, which does not receive in the right amount with food. The most common deficiencies in the diet of a modern inhabitant of developed countries is

– zinc
– selenium
vitamin D3.

Magnesium is necessary for the development and interaction of all cells in the system immune system during the fight against microorganisms. In addition, it supports work of the cardiovascular system, which is especially important with increased burden of the body caused by pathogens.

Zinc is an important trace element that helps the thymus (central organ of the system immune system) to produce mature lymphocytes. In addition, zinc makes it easier production of antiviral antibodies.

Selenium is an antioxidant that protects lymphocytes from being destructive viruses. It also has anti-inflammatory effect.

Vitamin D3 is a universal immune regulator. Facilitates interaction the immune and endocrine systems, especially when exposed to viruses and other infectious agents.

The fastest and best absorbed by our body, i.e. of course the most effective is the liquid form of minerals and vitamin D3, available in 100 ml glass bottles for 3 months of prevention against viruses and other infections.

And of course, always remember about vitamin C – effective activator of the immune response. On March 3, the Shanghai government announced that doctors obtained good results after giving vitamin C to patients, in hospitals with confirmed coronavirus infection.
It makes sense to combine zinc with vitamin C. Be healthy! Behave responsibly! Help yours
the immune system to meet the attacking viruses in full ready to fight!

Professor Igor G. Bondarenko


Zn2+ Inhibits Coronavirus and Arterivirus RNA Polymerase 

Vitamins C, D and Zinc – Synergistic Roles in Immune Function

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